Extra Credit

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Why are we using FrameMaker 8.0 software but the 7.0 version of the book? The University purchased the 8.0 software before we realized there wouldn't be a book.

Why are there so many Mondays we don't meet? Just scheduling conflicts. Use the time to play with FrameMaker. The more you use it while taking the class, the more you will remember.

When are the lab hours? M-F, noon to eight (Mysti needs to double-check this).

I'm using 9 or 10 at work. Can I use them to do my project? Yes, but you may need to save in a version compatible with 8.0. There are sometimes problems, so test early and often!

This is a skills class. What's with the project? The very best way for you to learn how to take charge of FrameMaker is to create a document with it. See the syllabus for project requirements.

Can I do something for work for my project? Yes, but please work with Mysti if you plan to do this, as there are sometimes issues.

Speaking of working with the instructor, how can I contact you? By email is best, and give me 24 hours to respond.

FrameMaker 8.0 Help PDF.