Extra Credit

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Lecture should never exceed thirty minutes per class. Participation is mandatory--don't miss more than one class.

  Week   Read for This Class Lessons Assignment for Next Class
#1 9/19 First class, no reading 1,2,3

Email three project ideas to instructor by 9/30. Talk to me if you want to do something for work or another class.

  • Must have more than one concept, task, and reference topic
  • Must deliver in PDF and HTML
  • Must use all of the following: table of contents, index, paragraph and font formats stored in the catalog, use book file
  • Must use three of the following: anchored frame for text or graphic, table, conditional text, cross reference, footnote, side head
  • Extra credit: Page layout or text flow changes from basic FrameMaker template
#2 10/3 Lessons 4,5 Review
Create a template for your project--some paragraph and font formats, and some files. Okay if these change later.

If you don't have access to FrameMaker outside of class, write a specification.

Extra credit: Bring examples of great layout to class.

#3 10/17 Lessons 6,7 Review
Start working on your content and bring your questions to class.
#4 10/24 Lessons 8,9 Review
Keep working on your content and bring your questions to class.
#5 10/31 Lessons 10,11 Review
Swap a copy of your project with another student, discuss together in next class.
#6 11/7 Lessons 12,13 Review
Email me a summary of the input you received, who gave it, and how you plan to respond, by 11/11
#7 11/14 Lessons 14,15 Review
Work on projects
#8 11/21 Structured Writing Lecture
Share with at least one other classmate to get feedback. Work on projects
#9 12/12 DITA/XML Lecture
Projects Due Next Week!
#10 12/19 Project Presentations Present projects, discuss how you responded to feedback, share anything that you struggled with.